To Scotland With Love

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To Scotland With Love

A Kilts and Quilts Novel, #1

To Scotland with Love is not a novel I would normally choose to review. However, I did find this novel entirely charming, as well as extremely well written and, in a nutshell, delightful. It was a very pleasant surprise. I found the characters to be likeable, although in some cases, they did get a tiny bit annoying. That just made them appear more human. The story is touching and heartwarming, as the characters wander through the gorgeous Scottish countryside attempting to heal their damaged hearts in all the wrong ways. This novel is one that would be a fantastic summer beach read, and I believe that readers will love this novel.

Caitriona MacLeod thought her life was going well; that is, until her cheating husband dies in the bed of his mistress. She had given up her journalism career to be a good wife to the cheating bum; now she has to find a way to get her life back since he’s gone. She returns to her home town of Gandiegow, Scotland, to live with her easily irritated grandmother, Deydie. Upon her arrival, Cait finds nothing is as she remembers, least of all a neighbor named Duncan, who she now discovers is the son of a very famous and gorgeous actor, Graham Buchanan. Cait figures she can break the story of where Graham spends his time away from film to get back into journalism, and Graham wants to keep his location secret. Duncan wants to keep the press away for the sake of his own son Mattie, yet Duncan is hiding a secret of his own. As Cait begins to be accepted in Deydie’s quilting circle, she starts to realize where her job and her heart actually lie. Where will she lay her loyalties? As a journalist or as a new resident in Gandiegow, Scotland?

Book Blurb for To Scotland With Love

Welcome to the charming Scottish seaside town of Gandiegow where two people have returned home for different reasons, but to find the same thing.

Caitriona Macleod gave up her career as an investigative reporter for the role of perfect wife. But after her husband is found dead in his mistress’s bed, a devastated Cait leaves Chicago for the birthplace she hasn’t seen since she was a child. She’s hoping to heal and to reconnect with her gran. The last thing she expects to find in Gandiegow is the Sexiest Man Alive! She just may have stumbled on the ticket to reigniting her career if her heart doesn’t get in the way.

Graham Buchanan is a movie star with many secrets. A Gandiegow native, he frequently hides out in his hometown between films. He also has a son he’ll do anything to protect. But Cait Macleod is too damn appealing even if she is a journalist.

Quilting with her gran and the other women of the village brings Cait a peace she hasn’t known in years. But if she turns in the story about Graham, Gandiegow will never forgive her for betraying one of its own. Should she suffer the consequences to resurrect her career? Or listen to her battered and bruised heart and give love another chance?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50