Three Schemes and a Scandal

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Three Schemes and a Scandal

Three schemes and a scandal is a rollicking good, laugh out loud Regency romance that will have readers everywhere entranced. If you couldn’t tell, I absolutely adored reading this novel. The story is very fast paced, and beautifully put together, and the characters are delightful and engaging. It is a novel that is an incredibly fun read, and one that will make readers laugh out loud more often than not. I certainly did. The novel is a perfect length to be read in a single sitting, and is easy enough to read to accomplish that. I do know there are other books in this collection, but not having read the other books, this novel can easily stand on its own or as part of a series. This novel is one that readers everywhere will love as much as I did.

What is a notorious rake to do when a beautiful, willful young debutante who is known for her schemes suddenly sets her sights on him? Why, devise a scheme of his own to capture both the girl and her heart of course. Lady Charlotte Brandon is known throughout London for her outrageous schemes. Always done with the best of intentions, her plans frequently go awry. And when her sights are set on an old childhood friend, James Beauchamp, in an effort to play matchmaker for him and an unfortunate friend, of course the plan goes wildly astray, and both James and Charlotte are left in numerous compromising situations. So when James determines he loves Charlotte, he must devise a wildly creative scheme to convince her to marry him. Can he succeed? Will the wild rake capture the heart of the charming debutante? Come along for the ride and see how this scheme plays out.

Book Blurb for Three Schemes and a Scandal

Enter the Regency world of the Writing Girls series in Maya Rodale's charming tale of a scheming lady, a handsome second son, and the trouble they get into when the perfect scandal becomes an even more perfect match.

Scheme: A folly, a swan, a little lie . . . a compromising position

Lady Charlotte Brandon is always up to something . . . but somehow her best schemes for matchmaking often end in disaster.

Scheme: A family feud, outrageously false rumors, a shattered priceless vase . . . an even more compromising position

It's no wonder she's considered by at least one devastatingly handsome man to be devious, destructive, and dangerously appealing.

Scheme: A fox, a rabbit, a childhood foe, and a dashing rogue . . . the proposal to end all proposals

It's high time someone turned the tables on the lovely Lady Charlotte, and James Beauchamp is just the man to do it. Even if it means beating Charlotte at her devious game with a scandalous scheme of his own.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00