Thicker Than Water

Thicker than Water is a novel that moves quickly, and is quite quirky and fun. The characters are highly likeable, and the story is written in such a way as to be very believable. It tells the story of Jessie Schroeder, a successful children’s book author, and Fred Kroner, an elderly recluse with a soft spot for Jessie who dies suddenly, leaving many unanswered questions, including who would burn his house down, and who is Johanna Kroner? The story is charming in its quirkiness, and utterly mystifying in its telling. This is a delightful novel that readers everywhere will utterly adore.

Jessie Schroeder can never get a single night with her boyfriend, Police Chief Gil Keller without a call coming in. This is exactly what happens during a date night, and the two of them take off to a fire call. What they expect is a fire. What they don’t expect is the burned to a crisp arm sticking out of the rubble of one of the most prestigious addresses in town. When the will of the deceased owner of the burned out house is read, the mystery deepens. Who is Johanna Kroner? Some long lost niece? And why did the late recluse Fred Kroner leave half of his fortune to a televangelist? The mystery continues to unravel as Jessie and Gil try to figure out who is the body in Fred’s burned out basement, and who is trying to kill Jessie? Jessie is also trying to solve the mystery of when her next children’s book will come to fruition. For a charmingly quirky and fun read, this novel hits the proverbial spot.

Book Blurb for Thicker Than Water

After nearly losing her life because of her unsolicited involvement in a recent murder case, Jessie vows to mind her own business this time. However, in Thicker Than Water, Jessie again fails and finds herself in the middle of a web of family intrigue that stretches back four generations.

When Fred Kroner died, he left his millions to a long-lost niece, Johanna Kroner, that no one knew existed. This ignites a fierce family battle. The bequest includes a reward to the person who locates the niece. In case she cannot be found or is proven dead, Fred's nephew and a televangelist will split the spoils.

A badly charred body of a female with a bullet hole through her forehead is found in the ashes of the old homestead after it had been deliberately torched. A driver's license issued in the name of Johanna Kroner is found at the scene.

Is the body really Johanna? If so, why was she in the supposedly empty house? If not, who is the dead woman, and why was she shot? And why the deception? Could it be the work of one of the backup legatees, the nephew or the reverend. The questions continue to multiply. Jessie's work is cut out for her.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50