The Vampire's Partner

Romance In Central City, #2

As a longtime fan of author Jordan K. Rose, I knew The Vampire’s Partner was going to be a great read. I was absolutely correct. The Vampire’s Partner is the second book in her fantastic Romance in Central City series, and I must say, I was very pleased to see that it picked up right where the first one left off. Beloved characters from the first novel are back in this novel, and we are introduced to a charming duo, Hunter and Alice, the hero and heroine of this tale. I did find a lot more humor in this story, as the antics of Hunter and Alice had me laughing more often than not. And with the addition of all the dogs, this novel is destined to be a sure-fire hit!

Alice has been partners with Hunter for more than 2 years. That frustrating man! They’re trying to find out all they can about Panthera and what they’re up to, and all she can do is fantasize about him. Why does he have to be so darn hot? Is that a trait of all vampires? As Alice is considering these irritating thoughts, Hunter is thinking along many of the same lines, except he’s trying to figure out how to win Alice for his own. He’s convinced that there’s no way she could ever love him. She loves her adopted strays more than him. As the two try to reconcile their hearts, their case into Panthera is opening slowly. When Alice and Hunter are given some time off from the case, they are concerned and upset. This is their case! However, they realize they must keep up their training and decide to spar. This spur of the moment spar has the potential to change two lives forever. Can Hunter win Alice? Or will he lose her forever?

Book Blurb for The Vampire's Partner

With Panthera Laboratories running again The Vampire Guard has no choice but to return to Central City. Pretending to be lovers Hunter and Alice are sent in to do reconnaissance. But pretending to be something they both wish was real proves harder than they expect.

All logical thought tells Alice there’s no reason to mix business with pleasure unless you’re looking for a problem. Like every other girl who notices Hunter, she fantasizes about him. But becoming a member of his haram is not one of her life goals, neither is being forced to return to a life on the street. If there’s one sure-fire way of jeopardizing her career with The Guard and losing everything she’s worked so hard to attain, it’s by sleeping with her partner. The only problem is she can’t get her heart to believe logic or reason.

What is happening to Hunter? Is he losing his touch—his vampire touch? In all his years Hunter has never encountered anyone who could resist his vampire influence. Not until Alice. She’s also the only human to ever best him in a sparring match, but that was beginners luck and had nothing to do with the fact that he couldn’t stop thinking of how he wished she would see him as more than just a partner at work. No woman has ever awakened these feelings and no woman has ever denied him. He’ll do anything to persuade her to be his partner for life, love and eternity.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.50