The Thieves of Legend

A Thriller

The Thieves of Legend is not a good book. It is a never slows down, thrill a minute; hang on to your seat thrill ride of a fantastic book. Good does not even begin to cover it. It is a novel that starts off very fast, and never once takes a break or slows down. I believe this book is one in a series, though I am unsure where it fits into the series. It can easily stand on its own merits. The characters are fiercely independent and strong, and highly likeable and admirable. The story will take readers around the globe on a whirlwind adventure, to untold reaches of the planet. It is a novel that is virtually impossible to put down.

A threat to the world has been unleashed. A rogue faction in the US military has infiltrated Macau. Two unlikely heroes have been called upon to save mankind. Their goal: a red box. A black box. And the salvation of all mankind. Little is revealed when Michael St. Pierre is approached by the enigmatic Colonel Lucas to assist in a mission to steal a valuable artifact from a nearly impenetrable location in Macau. That is, until Michael is told that the military also has his ex-girlfriend, KC Ryan, and she is in the hands of a lethal lady assassin. If either of them fails in their mission, both will be killed. Come along on a whirlwind ride to all corners of the globe, as Michael tries valiantly to save KC, save mankind, save his own life and that of a friend, and all in the brief span of five days. You won’t be disappointed.

Book Blurb for The Thieves of Legend

In a world of dark and light, where East meets West, a horrific act of violence propels former thief Michael St. Pierre into a mystery that began five hundred years ago. . . .

In Richard Doetsch's next unforgettable Thieves thriller, Michael and his ex-girlfriend KC Ryan have been blackmailed by a U.S. Army colonel. They are to travel to opposite ends of China, and each is responsible for stealing a piece of an ancient puzzle: a diary and a compass. With their lives dependent on each other’s success, they must face off against the complex underworld of the Chinese triads, a twisted female assassin, and a madman whose only desire is to possess the secrets held within the pages of the diary—knowledge that would give him enormous power and lead to the downfall of nations.

Moving from the glittering casinos of Macau to its dark and dangerous backstreets; from the palace at the heart of China’s Forbidden City to the medieval castles of Spain; from the seaside mansions along the Amalfi Coast to an uncharted Pacific island, Michael is in a race against time. He has less than five days to uncover a five-hundred-year-old mystery—and to save KC from certain death.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00