The Tea Planter's Bride

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The Tea Planter's Bride

The Tea Planter’s Bride is a novel that has delighted readers for many years already. I, however, have only had the pleasure of reading and enjoying it recently. The story is a beautiful and intense novel full of passion and hate, tragedy and loss. It moves through the wilds of London society, as well as the gorgeous and exotic locale of Ceylon and its environs. The characters are very highly developed and easily relatable and likeable. It is a novel that I truly enjoyed reading, and look forward to reading once again. It will also continue to enchant both new and old readers, as it has a quality to it that will never let the story fade.

Celia Penmaris knows very little about her life. She knows she is of Gypsy descent, and that many think she is a devil due to her heritage. Being raised in the household of her uncle, a Bishop, and his overbearing wife, Celia has known little joy in her life. That is, until one fateful day, a whirlwind by the name of Aunt Willie arrives, on the orders of Celia’s father’s will, to take Celia away to London for a Season. Celia’s arrival in London is met by Aunt Willie’s American stepson, Grant Hamilton. Grant is a wild man, and does not enjoy putting up with his dear stepmama’s new ward. That is, until he sees her for the first time. What follows is a crazy, exciting, all around enjoyable tale that will take readers to the exotic corners of the Earth. Come along on the journey and watch as Celia discovers her family legacy and history, Grant figures out how to listen to his heart, and they both figure out how to save Celia from a horrible marriage.

Book Blurb for The Tea Planter's Bride

An exotic flower from a faraway land, Celia came to London to become a proper English rose. A wide-eyed innocent, yet burning with a sensuous heat inflamed by her gypsy blood, she is promised to a man of wealth and power and property. But soon another will own her heart.

A daring and unpredictable rogue, Grant Hamilton senses a kindred spirit in the stunning, copper-eyed beauty whom he has agreed to escort through London's social whirl. Yet he must resist his secret yearnings for the exquisite enchantress—for there is grave peril in a forbidden love that knows no bounds . . . and in an intense passion that can only lead them to ecstasy or ruin.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50