The Succubus Gift

The Telepathic Clans Saga #1

Brenna Morgan always thought she was an orphan. Her parents had died in a plane crash when she was a child, and after shuffling through the foster care system, determined to become successful on her own. She knows she is different, but has no idea exactly how different she really is until she saves a friendly young man, who ends up being a cousin, from some seriously bad individuals. Brenna soon realizes that, in addition to being a very strong telepath, she is also a succubus, and all that would entail. She also finds that she is the long lost granddaughter of a powerful, ridiculously rich telepath family. If that’s not enough to suddenly deal with, someone is out to kill succubae and are coming after Brenna. Add in a smoking hot security director Collin, and a sassy, brave Protector and friend Rebecca, and the story blows up into a scorching, nail biting, heart-pounding adventure.

The novel itself is expertly written and an utter joy to read. The characters are all delightful. There were times while I was reading this that I laughed out loud, and other times when I held my breath in anticipation of what might occur. I was very thrilled to find out there will be additional books in this series. I will certainly be reading those as well.

Book Blurb for The Succubus Gift

Brenna’s life isn’t the same after she discovers her unusual and mysterious heritage. In addition to being a telepath and having many paranormal abilities, Brenna learns she has the Succubus Gift. She has always been a good girl and isn’t comfortable seducing men, except one she really loves.

That’s just the beginning of her problems. Someone is stalking her. Will she be able to protect her newly acquired family and friends? Then there’s the tall, dangerous woman who shadows her and hints a Goddess has linked them. And what is she going to do with a handsome, charismatic, womanizing man she knows she should avoid?

Some days a girl just wants to pull the covers over her head and stay in bed -- with a willing young man of course.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50