The Runaway Duchess

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The Runaway Duchess

Let me begin by stating that this novel is an incredibly fun novel to read. The Runaway Duchess is one that exemplifies something that I always used to dream about as a child. A dark and dashing man comes and sweeps the damsel in distress off her feet, and carries her off to a life of love and luxury. Now, as an adult, I know that doesn’t happen (much), but it’s still delightful to lose oneself in a romance such as this, which I was able to do quite often. I fell for the hero, Gavin Graystone, a respectable rogue with quite the checkered past. And Lady Charlotte Vanderley? She’s a spirited young lady with attitude to spare. This enchanting story will sweep readers off their feet, and off into a whirlwind of romance and intrigue. It is most assuredly a fantastic romantic read.

Lady Charlotte Vanderley is shocked. Wait, shocked doesn’t even begin to cover it. She’s astounded. How in the world did she ever manage to become engaged? And to a troll several decades older than she? Charlotte is convinced this must be some mistake. Her mother, Lady Beatrice, assures her it is not. She is betrothed to the Duke of Tarrow. Upon this startling revelation, Charlotte knows this cannot happen, no matter what. With the help of a couple dear friends, Charlotte hatches a plan to escape this twisted plot. Gavin Graystone is footloose and fancy free. He doesn’t need a bride—unless he ever wants to ton to accept him. One fateful evening, these two strangers will meet, and a plan will be hatched. And in the morning, a duchess will be missing, a rogue will be gone, and a wedding will have taken place. But what will the Duke do when he finds out? Come along on this wild adventure. It’s a delight not to be missed.

Book Blurb for The Runaway Duchess


When feisty, free spirited Lady Charlotte Vanderley is betrothed against her will to the lecherous old Duke of Tarrow, she will go to any lengths to escape him, especially when a chance encounter with the mysterious Gavin Graystone shows her the true meaning of passion.


Gavin Graystone despises the nobility, and for good reason. Born in the London slums, he knows the true meaning of suffering. Now a wealthy entrepreneur, he has left his checkered past behind and secretly yearns for the one thing his money cannot buy: the respect of the ton.


Marrying Gavin will free Charlotte from the duke. Marrying Charlotte will give Gavin the acceptance he desires. It seems like the perfect plan, but when two yearning hearts are involved, things rarely happen as they should… And as Charlotte and Gavin soon discover, falling in love is anything but convenient.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50