The Queen's Betrayal

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The Queen's Betrayal

Bloodtruth #2

The Queen’s Betrayal is another fantastic novel about the land of Altera, and the residents of this highly beautiful and lethal world. As the second novel in a series, it picks up beautifully from the previous novel, easily tying in all of the previous adventure to bring more order to the story. As with the first novel, the characters are very enchanting, and easily likeable. It is a novel that can easily stand on its own, but fits into the series flawlessly. It is superbly written and weaves a magick spell of vampires and witches and creatures not of this world. This novel, similar to its predecessor, will delight readers around the globe. It definitely delighted me.

Poor Queen Angeline Robart simply cannot get a break. First her father dies, making her the queen of a very unstable Altera. Then she discovers the nobles of the realm don’t trust her as Queen, and want to overthrow her for the throne. She discovers a web of treachery all around her, and after her last adventure, has her own nightmares to deal with. Angeline must rely on all her wits to hold her own place in the world as her world begins to collapse around her. Add into the mix vampire Connor Radwin who is back, and Malin, the right hand to the throne, and the web of treachery gets much deeper. Can Angeline find her way back to a normal life and still maintain the throne? Can she trust her heart and win the man she loves? Travel back to Altera and find out.

Book Blurb for The Queen's Betrayal

Newly crowned Queen Angeline Robart is in a world of trouble in this continuation of the heart-pounding paranormal Bloodtruth series.

With her father's passing, Angeline's enemies are rising from all sides. She needs allies, but doesn't know who to trust. There is Connor, the handsome vampire who captured her heart, but as rumors of a vampire attack within the capital city's walls reach her ears, she is forced to wonder if Connor has betrayed her.

Malin, her Chief Advisor and betrothed, is harboring his own secrets. With Malin's ties to the Clan, the ancient puppet masters of Altera's fate, it seems clear that he is eyeing a much bigger prize than just Angeline's hand in marriage.

Angeline must save the capital city, control her own demon, and unravel the knotted threads of Altera's bloody history to find answers before it's too late.

The Bloodtruth series: Heiress of Lies (Bloodtruth #1) / The Queen's Betrayal (Bloodtruth #2)

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.00