The Pirate Circus

The Kraken's Caribbean, #3

Very few books I have read have started out in such a spectacular way. The story of The Pirates Circus is a fantastic novel full of swashbuckling adventures, vampires, werewolves, time travelers, and the myth and lore of the Caribbean Islands. Each of the characters, Emily, Alan, Charlie, Lee, Janey, and Benjamin, to name a few, are each fantastic fun and highly developed in their attitudes, thoughts, and personalities. This is the third novel in a series, and not having read the first two novels, it made me want to search them out to read them.

The Pirates Circus illustrates the struggles of Lee, born a girl but desperate to become a man. It is also the story of a man struggling to overcome his prejudices and deal with his love of a time traveling pirate lass. With other adventures that bring the two stories together and bring in the other characters, this is a very broad scope novel that starts off fast and never slows down. I can truly say that this novel is an adventure for anyone who ever loved pirates and their lore. Simply a blast!

Book Blurb for The Pirate Circus

Bosun Janey knows who and what she is. A pirate. And a damned good one at that. Living a life of excitement, adventure, and sailing the seas of the Kraken’s Caribbean is enough for her. But when the Quill is stuck in dry dock, Janey is left to search for distraction along Tortuga’s waterfront. How does a pirate occupy herself? Certainly not by making friends with a six-year-old boy or mooning after the boy’s father. That’s not how a pirate behaves!

Widower Benjamin Silvestri arrived in Tortuga seeking a fresh start. At first, the pirate haven doesn’t seem like a safe sanctuary for second chances, but life is full of surprises. The sun breathes life into his little boy, and new freedoms help his errant niece embrace her true nature. And then there's Janey. A pirate and most unconventional woman, she stirs feelings in Benjamin that are far from proper—but who’s to say what is proper in Tortuga?

However, before he and Janey can explore the possibilities, Benjamin's son and niece disappear onto the high seas. Together, the couple set out to rescue them—because only a loving father and a cutthroat pirate stand a chance against the dangerous Pirate Circus.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.25