The Money Kill

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The Money Kill

The Money Kill is a edge of your seat suspense filled book that will grab a hold and will not let go. The story will take readers on a trip around the globe, to dark corners of Italy and the glittering towers of London, to the alleyways of New York and the peaceful, uber wealthy Connecticut suburbs. The characters are enchanting and multifaceted, and will reveal many deep layers to readers. It is a book I found hard to pick up, originally, but once I did, it was also very hard to put down. For anyone seeking a heart pounding international mystery involving money, kidnapping, murder, blackmail and more, this book delivers. The Money Kill will not disappoint.

When she walked into the office, Mac MacLeary knows he doesn’t want the case. But he smiles and takes the case, knowing as he does that Karin, his wife and partner, will not be thrilled but it will pay the bills, and escorts Cathy Millerhausen out the door…..and Mac and Karin embark on the case of a lifetime. Originally the case of a cheating husband, Mac is surprised when an offer comes in to “take some time off and take a vacation, all expenses paid, to Italy by way of London.” But accept he does, and Cathy’s case is shelved, and Mac and Karin and the kids are off. Little do they know, the case is just beginning. When Mac and Karin land, and send the kids and Mary, their assistant and friend, on to Italy, the craziness planned for them begins. No one is who they seem to be. Where are the kids? Where is Mary? Can Mac and Karin solve the mystery that Cathy and Godfrey Millerhausen are trying so hard to hide? Come along for the ride.

Book Blurb for The Money Kill

Former New York City police detectives turned Brooklyn private investigators Karin Schaeffer and her husband Mac MacLeary become involved in an international conspiracy in The Money Kill, a new thriller by Katia Leaf.

An offer of $30,000 for one day's work in London, followed by a family vacation in the Mediterranean, seems too good an offer to refuse.

But the family's trip to sun-drenched Sardinia turns dark and terrible when the children vanish. Suddenly Karin and Mac must unravel a deadly web first spun when wronged wife Cathy Millerhausen walked into their world—as they discover firsthand the true evil of big money: how far it reaches, what it buys…who it kills.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00