The Love Project

The Project Series 1

Who doesn’t love a sweet romance? Guy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy, and all get a happily ever after. Perfect. While The Love Project isn’t what I usually read, I found myself pleasantly surprised by it. As a romance novel, the storyline sizzled from the very beginning. I do believe there could be potentially more to the story, however, the novel is written with a very strong storyline and characters who really do come to life. Randolph is a very strong character who goes after exactly what he wants, in and out of the boardroom. I really identified with Erica, though. A small town girl who is insecure in her qualities. These two brought the story to life. This tale is a great summer read, and would be perfect for a day on the beach.

When Erica’s boss, Randolph, announced the competition for the latest business expansion project, she thought she had no chance. After working day and night, much to her surprise, she makes the cut and is in the final 3! Once nerve wracking proposal presentation, and Erica is astounded. For the entire time she’s worked for Randolph’s company, she’s loved him from afar. Now she gets to spend an entire week in LA with him and the team! What she doesn’t anticipate is the instant passion coming from Randolph. As their relationship heats to a boiling point, negotiations with prospective clients are also going exceedingly well. That is, until a ghost from Randolph’s past surfaces to threaten not only his company, but Erica as well. Can Randolph and Erica overcome the obstacles they face and be together? Or will it all fall apart in the face of the past?

Book Blurb for The Love Project

Erica Kelly is a curvaceous and attractive woman. Randolph Carter is her New York boss. He is also a well built, sexy and sensual man, and Erica falls for him the moment she sees him. Erica’s business project is chosen from three finalists, which means she is going to LA with Randolph and the team.

As the week-long trip develops, barriers threaten to prevent Erica and Randolph becoming lovers. Randolph has to win new business on the trip, but he also wants to win Erica’s heart. Erica wants to impress her boss with her professionalism, but she wants him to notice her as a woman.

Their relationship develops into lust which they satisfy at every opportunity. Romance is on Randolph’s mind, when the most important meeting takes place. Erica is distraught to find the potential business is with Randolph’s ex-wife. Erica leaves for the airport.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00