The Lost Jewels of Hera

I have to admit, this book was an absolute blast to read. I mean, who doesn’t love a novel about a lost treasure, gods and goddesses, demons, and a treasure hunt that involves world travel? I know I do. The characters are all highly developed and all very likeable and relatable. The story will take readers around the globe, to locations both above ground and below the sea, and to spots most people consider only legend. It was my pleasure to review this book, and it was a true pleasure to read it. This book will bring delight to readers everywhere and will become a treasure of its own on bookshelves for years to come.

The whims of the gods are so fickle! But Kindra Ceres knew that as she started the quest for the lost jewels of Hera. After all, wasn’t it Hera’s jealousy that lost the jewels in the first place? And now Kindra has decided to go and find them. As a respected archaeologist in her own right, Kindra knows she has the resources to locate the stones. She just doesn’t have the finances to fund the search. Out of nowhere come two unlikely funding sources: Cyrus Hayden and Ryan Colburn. The two men are polar opposites. Kindra finds herself drawn to Ryan and his gorgeous looks and huge bankroll, and also to Cyrus, but also oddly repulsed by him. Kindra knows there is much more to these two men than meets the eye. And as Kindra sets off on the treasure hunt of a lifetime, she will find out more about herself and her past, as well as who she really is. And she will come to grips with her heart. It’s a rock and roll good time read!

Book Blurb for The Lost Jewels of Hera

Tenacious and tough as nails, archeologist, Kindra Ceres has just unearthed the one clue linking her life’s work with an unknown destiny. The Lost Jewels of Hera, an ancient necklace of immeasurable power, exists—and not just in legend.

The ancient legend states Hera, Queen of the Gods, destroyed the necklace in a fit of jealous rage, and only the Guardian of the stones can restore them to power. Kindra is the key, but her past life is but a distant memory. This presents a challenge for two men determined to protect her…Aiden Flint, a lover Kindra doesn’t remember from her ancient past, and Ryan Colburn, assigned to guard her by Zeus, the King of Gods, himself. Kindra is caught between the one man who stole her heart, and the other predestined to win it.

Cyrus Hayden, a demon sent by Hades, God of the Underworld will stop at nothing to steal the stones and plagues Kindra’s journey with ruthless and terrifying danger. Kindra must discover enough about her past to find and restore the stones to power to stop Hades from destroying the Earth she’s destined to protect. Will destiny or shear will determine the fate of Kindra and her companions? Will she choose or will the god’s choose for her?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50