The Housewife Assassin's Greatest Hits

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The Housewife Assassin's Greatest Hits

Housewife Assassin Series Book 16

I really don’t know how to begin. This novel is the 16th book in author Josie Brown’s fantastic Housewife Assassin series, and WOW! That doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt about this book. I loved the story, as we get to reconnect with many past characters, both good and bad. I adore Donna, the heroine, more and more with each book. To be honest, I would highly suggest this book, and this series (please read in order), but I do have one recommendation to go along with it: bring a box of Kleenex. I admit it, I sobbed while reading this book. So what’s a girl to do after finishing this incredible tale? Reread the whole series from the beginning!

Donna is in deep. After planning a beautiful evening to celebrate Jack’s birthday, Donna is, of course, early to the party. That is, until some jerk decides to try and assassinate her! Jack rushes in to save her, but as Donna slips into a coma, she begins to realize just exactly what her life is, and how it impacts the lives of those she loves. And with that, the tale explodes. Ghosts from the past, Heaven and Hell, and a snarky Grim Reaper are all around to help Donna through her journey…into either death, or back into life. Donna will need every trick in her extensive arsenal (and then some!) to make it back to those she loves, before they end up unknowingly sending her on.

Book Blurb for The Housewife Assassin's Greatest Hits

IN BOOK 16 OF THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN SERIES:As housewife assassin Donna Stone Craig's life hangs in the balance, a deadly bet with the Grim Reaper brings forth a cavalcade of ghosts from her past: those whom she loved and lost, and those whose lives she took. Their sometimes chilling but always insightful points-of-view on Donna's life leave her with a few regrets, and at the same time grant her the redemption she needs to keep living. But first she must beat the Reaper at his own game.

Murder. Suspense. Sex. And some handy household tips.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 5.00