The Grim

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The Grim

Jaycee Baynes is a woman with severe problems. The victim of a horrific domestic abuse case, her situation comes to public attention when she kills her abuser. The story starts after her trial, when she is incarcerated in The Grim, otherwise known as Grover Ridge Inpatient Medical Center. The night of the killing is a mystery, as Jaycee has blocked out the entire night, minus a few pertinent details. The novel addresses many very intense issues. It addresses the issues of PTSD, and its effects on a person. It addresses the sense of loneliness that often accompanies victims of a tragic event, that sense that no one understands what has occurred. It also addresses the issues that arise when the repressed memories of a traumatic event resurface. In the end it deals with healing.

When Jaycee starts to uncover her memories, her friends in The Grim begin having problems of their own. People distrust each other, feelings are damaged, injuries are incurred, and almost all of the issues revolve around the supposition that Jaycee is intentionally trying to hurt herself in any way possible. After a catastrophic evening, can Jaycee and her friends learn to live in harmony while helping each other to forgive, and to heal? Or will they be victims of their pasts, condemned to repeat past mistakes over and over again? Can Jaycee eventually realize that things are definitely not what they appear to be and accept it?

I will admit, when I first began reading this book, it was difficult to get into. But that changed rapidly. I quickly realized that this novel is a beautiful story of love and hope, friendship, and forgiveness. This novel truly touched my heart. It is a stunning success.

Book Blurb for The Grim

A gripping tale of both thrills and depth, The Grim follows Jaycee Baynes, single mother and convicted murderer, through her tumultuous stay at an in-patient psych ward. Unable to remember the horrendous events that incarcerated her, she is haunted daily by the presence of her bullet-riddled ex-lover, without whose help, she will undoubtedly never be freed. Having repressed all memory of what she's done, Jaycee must find a way to manage her illness and confront her past--before it consumes her first.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 5.00