The Commodore's Daughter

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The Commodore's Daughter

Let me first begin by stating that I am a huge history buff. As such, I find it natural that a book such as this would capture my attention. This novel has it all; adventure, romance, daring, and more than enough intrigue. The plot of the story moves rather quickly, and took numerous turns that I did not see coming, which was very pleasing for me. The novel was not like any I’ve ever read before. As I finished the novel, I discovered that the author, Ms. Jaime Brazil, based the story on true events from the past. This fact made the story much more realistic for me, and I honestly believe that other readers will love that fact as well. This is one of those rare and beautiful novels that is a definite must read.

Jennifer Perry has always dreamed of a life of adventure. She has always wanted to see the world, to explore new and exotic places and try new things, and she thought that, as the daughter of a commodore, she would be able to do such things. Until one fateful evening, when she learns that she is intended to be married to a man more than twice her age. She’s a headstrong girl, sure that her future does not lay with this gentleman. So what does she do? Run. She runs as far as she can go, right off into the Far East, to Japan. She knows that her future is unsure there, but is determined to make her way there and be strong and independent. And in so doing, she just may find a way to learn who she really is, and how to really live independently and free, and still honor her family.

Book Blurb for The Commodore's Daughter

Fifteen-year-old Jennifer Perry dreams of traveling the world, a dream that will never happen now that she's promised to a man twice her age. But what can she do? Run away. To Japan, where her survival is uncertain. Learning the ways of her new world, and the code of the Samurai, she uncovers a plot to ambush the American sailors. Now she must risk her own life in order to save her Commodore father.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00