The Black Stiletto

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The Black Stiletto

Black & White

Wow. Not many books can elicit that response from me off the bat. But this is one of those rare books that is a wonderful adventure, and still beautifully moving and utterly enchanting. It tells not only Judy’s story, but also her son’s story, and John Richardson’s story. Her story is an adventure. John’s story is also an adventure that ties into Judy’s. Her son’s story ties it all together. It discusses in journal form how he discovers her secret after a family crisis, and how he must deal with protecting her secret identity while still caring for her through her battle with Alzheimer’s. It is touching and poignant, and a beautiful tale that is very skillfully told. This is a novel that will attract readers everywhere, and that readers will cherish as much as I do.

Judy Cooper is a girl with a secret. She is living a double life, during the day a gorgeous, smart girl working in a gym, and at night, a masked vigilante known as The Black Stiletto. During the crazily changing 1950’s, the Black Stiletto managed to stop numerous criminals in the New York area, and still ended up wanted by the FBI, NYPD, and various mob bosses. When she runs into FBI agent John Richardson, all bets are off. Can she manage to keep her identity safe, survive the perils of the street, and manage to keep John from turning her in? Can Judy and John stop the crooked cops from taking over the streets? Take a trip to the past for a wonderfully good tale, and see what happens.

Book Blurb for The Black Stiletto

It's 1959, and Judy Cooper, the Black Stiletto, sets out to confront a dangerous gangster known as the heroin king of Harlem when the teenage daughter of her beloved martial arts instructor ends up a prisoner in an uptown narcotics den. The Stiletto has troubles of her own- a shady filmmaker is threatening to reveal her identity to the world- a close friend of her landlord and substitute father may be in cahoots with the Harlem criminals- she's fighting for racial equality- and she has fallen in love again.this time with an FBI agent who has standing orders to arrest her. Meanwhile the Stiletto's son faces his own blackmail crisis when he finds out that there is a second copy of an 8mm film he found in his mother's strongbox - showing the Black Stiletto unmasked in a film studio dressing room. As he tries to stop the filmmaker's son's extortion plot, he learns that his daughter, Gina, has been brutally assaulted in New York City. The past and the present meet.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 5.00