The Biker's Brother

Sons of Sanctuary MC, #2 - Austin, Texas

WOW! This delectable novel is the second book in author Victoria Danann’s incredible Sons of Sanctuary series. This book deals with the second of the two princes, Brandon St. Germaine, also known as Brandon Fornight. He is just as strong a character as his brother, Brash Fornight, whom we met in book 1. Brandon is immensely powerful and creative, while still a bit unsteady in his new world. Our heroine, Camden Carmichael, is a handful from the start. She’s rich, sassy, and a bit wounded. The story moves very quickly, and throughout the book, I couldn’t put it down! Add in the rest of the Sons of Sanctuary crew, and you have the makings of a fantastic tale!

Having recently met his father and brother, Brandon St. Germaine is a little unsteady with his plane in the Sons of Sanctuary Motorcycle Club. He wants the respect of the club, not just to be a friend to the club. He is club royalty, after all! So when a security job no one wants appears in his lap, Brand is quick to accept. Rescue the girl, stop the evil ex, simple, really….or so he thought. Enter Camden Carmichael, stunning and wounded heiress Brand is supposed to hide until her divorce is finalized. He is not prepared for what he finds in her. A whirlwind road trip from the East Coast to Austin, Texas leaves Brand and Cami shaken, and somewhat confused about where they both stand. But there’s more danger than either of them knows. Can Brand protect Cami from the one person who promised to love, honor and protect her, and instead wants to kill her? Evil ex has more tricks up his rotten sleeve than anyone can ever anticipate.

Book Blurb for The Biker's Brother

Brandon St. Germaine was at the top of the billionaire playboy heap when he learned about a side of the family that had been kept in secret. He left New York, moved to Texas, and took most of the corporate empire with him. But he worked at restructuring Germane Enterprises by putting trustworthy people in key positions to free up his time so that he could learn about the Texas motorcycle club branch of his family that had formed its own kind of dynasty.

His dad, president of the club his grandfather founded, spent three decades converting the club's income sources to legitimate business dealings. One of the biggest earners was the security service. When a ridiculously wealthy, but justifiably scared father hires the SSMC to protect his daughter from the psycho she's divorcing, Brand gets the job.

Get it today and find out why people are calling this series fun, priceless, sexy, and heart-throbbing!

*Please note this book contains dark material that may be unwelcome by sensitive readers.*

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 5.00