That Pearly Drop

Murphy’s Laws of Time Travel, #1

Woohoo! What a fun and outrageous book! I just finished reading That Pearly Drop by Jianne Carlo, and I loved every second of this novel. The story progressed so fast and rolled so seamlessly together that it was easy to jump from one scene to another, and from one century to another. The characters are delightful and so sinfully enchanting, they will most assuredly leave a reader with some exceedingly steamy nights. This book certainly has plenty of spice. One caveat I will say, this book is not for the young readers. But for a more mature reader seeking lots of adventure, scorching hot romance, and more than enough devilishly hot men to tempt a lady? This is the book for them.

It’s Halloween Night 2013. Emma Perez is in Wales, searching out her family history. What she doesn’t expect the lightning storm that comes up, strikes her, and sends her back to 1763! When she wakes up, very disoriented, she finds herself in what seems to be an abandoned inn, with no one but a dead body. She searches the body, finding a letter of recommendation for a Diana Manley, and a ticket to Wye Castle. Having no other choice, she assumes the murdered girl’s identity and takes the ticket and heads to Wye Castle to become a governess. Upon her arrival there, she finds the master of the castle, Ian Wye, in a rather compromising position. Emma just can’t forget the sight of her now boss and his endowments when aroused. But Ian has found out something about Emma. She is his mate, and she’s in trouble. As two worlds and two centuries collide, can Ian save Emma and his niece, the adorable Fiona? Will Emma decide to stay in the past or return to her own time? Come along on a grand adventure and see for yourself. It’s an adventure not to be missed.

Book Blurb for That Pearly Drop

Emma Maria Perez knows time travel’s impossible. So the only other explanation for her going to sleep on Halloween night 2013 and waking up in Wales in year 1763 is that she’s insane. Yesterday, she and her two BFFs left South Florida to attend a wedding in Wales. Now she’s in Wales all right, but the date’s 1763, there’s a murdered girl, a coach ticket to Wye Castle, and a letter of employment to be governess to the Earl of Wye’s daughter. What’s a gal to do but go with the flow?

Emma assumes the identity of the dead girl, Diana Manley, and travels to Wye Castle. Only the first time Emma meets Ian Wye, the new earl, he’s blatantly naked and obviously aroused. It’s so wrong to be turned on by her new boss, yet Emma can’t get that visual of Ian and his beautiful manhood out of her head. But someone knows Emma’s not Diana Manley. Shape-shifter Ian recognizes Emma as his mate instantly and senses she’s in danger. He knows Emma’s harboring a deep, dark secret. But no matter what he does, she won’t confide in him.

Then he finds Emma wounded and rambling about nine white gorgons who attacked her. The hounds of hell are Ian’s nemeses, and the fact they’ve reappeared in the mortal world after centuries of banishment can only mean one thing…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50