Sworn to Secrecy

Undercover Heroes, #2

Wow. As a tremendous fan of time travel romances ( I grew up reading Diana Gabaldon books), I am well aware of how difficult it is to create one that is authentic and engaging in both time periods. Ms. Tammie Clarke Gibbs has succeeded quite admirably. Sworn to Secrecy is the second book in the Undercover Heroes series, and it is an absolute blast from the first page to the last. We met Dan and some other characters in the first book, Keeping Secrets, and also met many sassy, fun new friends along the way. The story is extremely fast paced but is still enchanting, and to be totally honest, I simply adored it and will be reading the next book very shortly.

When Dak Bartholomew awoke in a dark cave with a knife in his side, he knew things were most definitely not what they appeared to be. When he discovered the beauty holding the knife on him, things got even stranger. When they discover that they are both being pursued by the same highly unscrupulous men, they flee, right into a cave, and into the unknown. What happens next no one could have anticipated. The pair ends up in the future! After several days in the future, both Elizabeth (the girl with the knife) and Dak know they need to go back to the past to rescue Elizabeth's father from the clutches of a devious charlatan. What they don't know is that they aren't going back alone. They also don't know that the unknown can be the most dangerous of all. Can Dan save her father? Will Elizabeth let Dak into her heart? Only time will tell.

Book Blurb for Sworn to Secrecy

A Magical Ride –

I eagerly turned the pages as the suspense was maintained almost to the end and even then Ms Clarke Gibbs had a surprise for her readers. – Marta

The Time Travelers-

It was fast-paced and kept me turning the pages. I was sad when it was over and cannot wait to read more books from Tammie Clarke Gibbs. - S.Seal

"Trapped in a dark room, two strangers struggle to escape. But for Dak and Elizabeth, finding a way out is only the beginning of their ordeal. Taking refuge in a dark cave seems like a great idea that is until they follow a bright light to a place neither could have imagined…the Future. Now, more than ever, they will need each other to survive.

Morgan Montgomery thinks she might be crazy. She's been waiting five years for a couple of her ancestors to show up....Then, in a burst of bright light, a worn and disoriented couple stumble out of a cave near her plantation home, and she decides either she's not crazy, or she's the perfect candidate for a straitjacket!

The time travelers are forced to come to terms not only with their situation, but their growing attraction to one another, but when Elizabeth is forced to make a choice between saving her father in the past and leaving her one chance for happiness in the future her decision could jeopardize everyone’s future.

Romantic, filled with mystery, suspense and the fantasy elements that make for a great paranormal read.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50