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I’m always a fan of a good, scary novel. Stronghold is a bit different than that. As a thriller, it certainly qualifies. But there is more to it than that. It has a certain quality that makes it a more human tale. Please let me explain. The story is quite detailed, and builds in multiple layers. There are several characters, with none of them being the main character. As the stories and the characters coalesce into one, they are met by a group of creatures who are both majestic and terrifying. The one emotion I did not expect to find in this novel that I did was sympathy for the creatures, and to me, this gave the story a more human element. I adored Stronghold, and I believe that both new and long standing fans will love it as well.

Everyone wants to live in safety, right? That’s the premise behind the new Safe Haven complex, a brand new, ultra safe high rise complex situated on an island off the coast of California. After much trouble, the complex is built and people are ready to move in. But there’s something else on the island. Few know of the ancient race that resides within the depths of the island. As the rich are moving into the luxury high-rise, deep within the island, the ancient race is waking from a long sleep, hungry. They are confused by the new noises from above, and the bright lights hurt their tender eyes. As their hunger grows by the day, more and more people arrive. And as more people arrive, the danger grows. One day, the danger will grow too great, and the creatures will feed. Who will survive? Or will the ancient race be wiped out, and the residents free to live?

Book Blurb for Stronghold

Safe Haven is about to become a slaughterhouse!

Welcome to Safe Haven, a brand new luxury complex built on a remote island off the California coast. Fully automated, with the latest in high-tech security, Safe Haven is the perfect refuge for people who can afford to live a better life, free from the crime and dangers of the modern world. But can the complex protect its residents from the far worse dangers of a forgotten world? Ancient creatures have awoken from their long hibernation, hungry and driven by bloodlust. And the tenants of Safe Haven are the perfect prey.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.00