Stroke of Midnight

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Stroke of Midnight

Cinderellla Sisterhood, #2

As a big fan of regency romance books, I was eagerly looking forward to this book. I was not the least bit disappointed in it at all. The novel itself is utterly enchanting, and will delight readers from the very first sentence. The story spans quite a long time, and it quite complex in it’s telling, but very beautifully told and put together. The characters are feisty and independent, each with a fabulously detailed history of their own and a deliciously scandalous history together. Filled with sizzling romance, heart stopping adventure, and more than enough mystery to keep the pages turning, this book is one that readers everywhere will simply adore as much as I did. It really is a treasure.

The missing Blue Moon Diamond has never been found. Blamed on Laura Faulkner’s father, she is now back in London after ten long years on the continent, in disguise, to uncover the identity of the villain who framed her father for the theft. She is also trying to avoid the devilish Earl of Copley, Alex Ross, the man who shattered her heart all those years ago. Little does she know that upon her return, their paths will cross and old flames will ignite. Alex is astounded when he realizes who the dowdy mouse in front of him truly is. Could it truly be Laura after all these years? Why, yes it is! Alex is determined to find out why she is back in London, and what happened to the missing jewel. Laura is just as determined to keep him from finding out anything. When Laura’s investigation brings danger to her front door, Alex knows that to keep her safe, he must intercede, regardless of her intentions. Can he protect her at all costs? Can they find the stone, and the thief? Come along on their adventure. It's quite a blast.

Book Blurb for Stroke of Midnight

The infamous Laura Falkner has returned to Regency London society in disguise. Determined to clear her father’s name, she becomes a companion to elderly Lady Josephine—only to learn the woman’s nephew is none other than Alexander Ross, the devilish Earl of Copley, the man Laura once loved with all her heart.  The same man who’d accused her father of theft and forced them to flee England.  

Alex has never forgotten Laura—or forgiven himself for letting her go. Today, Laura is as lovely—and stubborn—as ever, and her attempts at crime-solving are putting her in danger. The only way Alex can keep her safe is to marry her. But how can this notorious rake convince Laura that his heart is true…before the clock strikes twelve?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50