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I have been a tremendous fan of author Maynard Sims for years. As someone who adores scary stories (I swear, I was raised on Stephen King!) this author has the art of the psychological scare down pat. Stillwater is another in a long line of fantastic novels that really get under your skin and give you the chills. I found myself curiously drawn to the small town where the story is set. It is described in such vivid detail that, at times, it seemed as if I turned around to look, I’d see the Stillwater house behind me. And the characters! Beth, the heroine, is a tragic case, and it comes across very well. She has a very interesting history, and I was able to relate to her dogged determination to solve the mysteries at Stillwater. All in all, this novel is a terrific read, and is absolutely delightful to read alone, in a dark room, on a stormy night.

Beth Alvarini has seen more than enough tragedy in her life. A best-selling author of romance novels, she enlists the help of her editor and friend Miranda to locate a country estate that Beth can rent for a while, as she writes her new novel. Miranda comes through, and sends Beth to Stillwater, to meet with the agent showing the home, James Bartlett. Beth loves Stillwater. As she begins to settle in, strange things begin to happen. Doors suddenly won’t open, things go missing, a few extra shadows appear that weren’t there before. Beth is convinced that it’s her cat, Teddy; that is, until these small things begin to turn dangerous. And potentially deadly. Beth is determined to uncover the secrets of Stillwater, secrets that have lain silent for far too long. The more she digs, the deadlier the happenings get. Can she solve the mysteries of Stillwater before she becomes one herself?

Book Blurb for Stillwater

A modern ghost story.

Life was good for Beth, once. Now a car crash has left her confined to a wheelchair. To help her recuperate and rebuild her life, she’s leased Stillwater, a house with a lake in the countryside. But her dreams of peace and quiet are thwarted when she realizes she’s not alone. A girl who once lived at Stillwater—until she drowned in the lake—has never left, and she does not seem pleased by Beth’s presence. Beth sets out to solve the mystery of Stillwater. But can she find a strength she doesn’t know she possesses as she fights the fury of the dead girl, and tries to establish herself as the true mistress and keeper of the Stillwater house and lake?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50