Spies and Roses

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Spies and Roses

Spies and Roses is a delightfully fun book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It is a tale that drew me in from the very beginning, and never did let me go until the end. It left me smiling, and even laughing out loud at several moments. The characters are feisty and charming, and not like any I have ever had the delight to read before. It is a tale that ties together several of my favorite things: spies, intrigue, historical romance, and international mystery during a historical event. I can easily see this novel happily residing on readers bookshelves for many years to come, well read, and well loved. I know it will on mine.

Sara Coverly had only one thing on her mind when she broke into the bedroom of Lord Wolverton with a gun in hand: vengeance. Thinking that he wronged a dear friend, Sara goes blindly in search of retribution, but really has no idea what she is getting herself into. Josh, the Earl of Wolverton whom she has so brazenly broken in on, is most assuredly not what he seems. Nor is he the one she seeks. Little does she know, but they are actually seeking the same prey. And what follows is a fast paced, heart pounding, breath taking beautiful romantic suspense that will take readers all over Europe and leave them with a smile and a laugh. Will they capture their prey? Can Josh save Sara from herself? Come along on the campaign. It is well worth the trip.

Book Blurb for Spies and Roses

Sara accosts Lord Wolverton in his bedroom late at night, intending to shoot him in the groin so he’d never again rape an innocent girl. Fortunately Wolf overpowers her, since she finds he is not the villain she seeks. They embark on a journey that will allow Sara to seek the real rapist and Wolf to hunt a spy. When Wolf and Sara join forces to decode a message with deadly intent, the spy’s vengeance turns on her. Wolf, fearing for her safety and in desperate need of her help, persuades her to marry him. But how safe will she be from him?

Their love leads them both into danger as the assassin pursues them. Will their courage and their love be enough to help them, as well as Lord Wellington, to survive?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50