She's Gone

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She's Gone

A Pete Maddox Thriller, #2

I will gladly admit I have been a fan of author Alan Petersen since his first novel with Pete Maddox, The Asset. This outstanding novel is the second one with Pete Maddox, and it was a wild ride. The character of Pete Maddox is a highly developed and dynamic character. He is a man who walks in shadow, who treads paths that the everyday man dare not tread. He is a ghost. He is also one of my all-time favorite characters. The storyline is as intricate and detailed as the characters. This novel takes readers on a wild ride from the hard streets of Honduras and El Salvador, through Mexico, and into the US, as we follow along on a wild chase to rescue a missing girl who is special to Maddox’s wife. This novel kept me hooked from the first page on. This is a sure fire hit that both new fans will love, and current fans will love as well.

Pete Maddox has always been one to take care of his family, no matter the cost. So when his wife, Sophia, gets a call from her adopted grandmother stating that her granddaughter, Alma, is missing, Pete is immediately on the case. As he starts searching for Alma, Pete discovers that Alma is one of scores of girls and women who have been taken by one of the cartels and used in human trafficking. The deeper and deeper he goes, the more hardened criminals he comes across. As Pete leaves a trail of bodies behind him, the cartel is hot on his trail. Can he save Alma and the rest of the girls? Or has he finally met his match?

Book Blurb for She's Gone

Former CIA Agent Pete Maddox is back to rescue a young girl that has vanished into the drug cartel controlled world of human trafficking where Maddox’s special skills will come in handy.

Thousands of young women leave Honduras for Mexico and the United States with dreams of a better life only to never be heard from again. Alma Bonilla is gone. But unlike the other girls, she’s the granddaughter of a woman Sonia Maddox calls her “third grandmother”. Maddox is now a freelancer and he will delve into a human trafficking network that is controlled by ruthless cartel assassins and gangbangers in order to find the granddaughter of his wife's friend. Will Maddox’s black-ops skills be enough to rescue her and deliver vigilante justice against ruthless drug kingpin Rain Campos and his Santa Muerte-worshipping hitman?

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.50