Sean and Ian

The Kallos Series - Prequel

This is the third of three novellas in the Kallos series by Khelsey Jackson, and this one falls just before Kallos starts. I found it very sad, but very moving as well. It tells us quite a bit more about two characters we come to know very well, Sean and Ian Hunter. The story is quite tragic, as the boys are in the midst of an extremely difficult time of their lives. It is a perfect addition to the Kallos series, and it will help readers explore the extremely complex relationships that develop.

Two brothers, two very different personalities, one love between them. And now that one love is gone. Sean, the more level headed of the two brothers, knows it is up to him to save both himself and his brother Ian. Ian, on the other hand, is determined to save himself. Each brother deals with his heartbreak in his own way. But each knows that the heartache won't last. A new Aphrodite has been born. Her name is Kallos, but neither is quite sure how she is ever going to replace the perfect Acidalia they've just lost! Yet the gods assure them she will, and she will reunite the gods to the precious unity they once shared. Do they dare trust in the hope for the future?

Book Blurb for Sean and Ian

Sean and Ian just watched the girl they love die. They know that the new Aphrodite has been born, and they wonder would they will love her after losing the love of their lives. They funeral and wake is done to how she would have wanted. Acidalia has one more good bye for the boys, can they handle what she has to say?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50