Romancing the Gold

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Romancing the Gold

Romancing #1

As a child, I always had dreams of running off to exotic adventures and finding long buried treasure for the world to enjoy. Okay, I give, it wasn’t just a childhood dream. But only as I grew, did I realize that it was a love for archaeology that made me want to emulate Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. Author Carolyn Rae brought that love back to the forefront in my mind and heart. Romancing the Gold is a terrific read, full of adventure and romance, subterfuge and more than a little danger. It is a book I had quite a bit of difficulty putting down. It drew me in, and I was along for the roller coaster ride of highs and lows until the heart stopping end. I absolutely loved the characters, and found myself cheering repeatedly for both Megan and Josh as they bravely fight through the South American jungle for their lives. This novel is a wonderful book that readers of most ages will absolutely adore. One word of caution: the love scenes are HOT! Which, in my humble opinion, made it even better.

Megan McKinley thought she’d have a terrific summer. She was going to be on an archaeological dig near Machu Picchu, and this dig was going to give her the credit and experience she needs to graduate. Plus, her good friend Paula will be there with her! And wow, the gorgeous new photographer, Joseph, is making the dig even more interesting. But items from the dig start disappearing. And people are being threatened. Plus Joseph looks an awful lot like an old teacher she used to have, named Josh. What is going on? When Megan’s life is threatened, the dig takes on a whole new aspect. Can Josh save Megan, and convince her to trust him? Or will all be lost, Megan and his heart in the process?

Book Blurb for Romancing the Gold

Adventurous Megan McKinley finds searching for gold more exciting after hunky, bearded photographer, Joseph Logan, a man with a hidden past and a secret agenda, arrives at the dig. After Megan's archaeology professor boasts he found the terra cotta bowl she dug up, she suspects he’s not the benevolent mentor she’d thought him. Then she discovers the photographer is actually Josh Seward, the clean-cut high school teacher she had a crush on years ago.

After Josh rescues her from hired gunmen, she is forced to flee with him thorough the Incan jungle. She finds passion in his arms before discovering he’s hidden his identity to investigate a smuggling operation and actually suspected her. Now she's mortified and mad. He should have trusted her with his identity before making love to her. But they must work together and trust each other, to escape the danger that's never far behind. For love to survive, she must forgive him for deceiving her, and he must deal with guilt from his deadly past and his belief he's not worthy of her.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.50