Rock Star

Dream Weaver Novels, #2

Author Su Williams has done it again! Book two in the Dream Weaver series is out, and wow, is it powerful. The story picks up right where the first book, Dream Weaver, left off, and continues on, weaving the beautiful and somewhat tragic tale of Emari Sweet. I felt that the story is a perfect complement to the first book, and I am quite eagerly anticipating the next book in the series. The characters have developed quite nicely, and become very intriguing. This novel is a delight to read, and I believe that fans of Ms. Williams will be thrilled with this latest installment just as I was.

Who wouldn’t want the life of a rock star? The tours, the fans, the music, the adventure? What would you do if your life turned out to be just a dream? As the lead singer in a punk band, Emari Sweet loves living the dream of thousands of teens around the world. As the band tours, there is one thing that bugs Emari. On all of the recent concerts, there is one guy who is always at the show. A stranger with piercing blue eyes who seems to be stalking her. And then the strangest thing happens. Emari discovers that the dream life she’s been living is really that: a dream. Who’s been messing with Emari’s mind? Who else could it be but Sabre? As she confronts Sabre, the strangest thing occurs: she begins to understand him. Nick, the Dream Weaver who holds her heart, is not thrilled with this development. But it’s all for the good, right? When not just one but two dangerous ghosts from the past come back with a plan to kill not only Emari but Sabre as well, they must all work together to stop the worst from happening. But will it work?

Book Blurb for Rock Star

The love story continues with Emari Sweet, and Dream Weaver Nickolas Benedetti.

Emari lives the life of a ROCK STAR in an elaborate music memory weave created by Sabre James.

The Wraith, Thomas (descendant of angels & demons) returns with a vengeance...and a friend.

Em's friend, Ivy is keeping a secret.

And Nick is hiding a dark and nefarious bombshell of his own.

A lot can happen to a girl in a year. She can survive, and wonder why. She can lose her innocence, and find her way. She can fall in love, and be afraid. And on a cold, dark night, at the hands of a friend--she can die.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50