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Prim & Proper

An Eva Prim Novel

As a huge fan of author Jordan K. Rose, I knew this novel would be a tremendously fun book to read. What I did not expect was the roller coaster emotion that was written into the storyline. I found this novel quite difficult to put down. I have a spot in my heart for both Eva and Stefan, the main characters in the story, as they are both fabulous. The other characters in the novel are charming, and each one has more than enough attitude to be utterly enchanting. This novel, the second in the Eva Prim series, is a sure fire hit that readers will love.

As anyone who knows Eva Prim should be aware, she is frequently in trouble WAY over her pretty head. This time, there is no exception. With her exceptionally popular blog attracting attention (both good and bad) from all over the place, and the rapidly approaching formal vampire receptions, Eva has been extremely busy. Demons, guests, and bloggers, all calling for her attention, and Eva is a master at juggling them all. That is, until the wife of honored guest Tarek appears. His wife, Penelope Proper, is a teeth grinding massive irritation. She’s really too perfect to be real. And she’s most definitely hiding something. Then there’s the idiot on the blog who has challenged Eva to a duel! Not to mention more demons than she can handle….and then there’s that whole PenPro58 issue that STILL hasn’t been solved, and that Stefan is still angry about. Eva is in way over her head, and this time, it may cost her everything.

Book Blurb for Prim & Proper

A formal vampire reception is just that- formal. There are rules. There are expectations. There are certain security measures that must be taken.

The list of things that should not occur includes, but is not limited to: duels for subjugation, bar brawls, and accidental, er, unintentional, well, not-meant-to-happen-at-that-moment demon calling.

Drinking from other master vampires, turning new vampires without permission, and reliving your first kiss, which happened to be with a serial killer are absolutely inappropriate.

Having your demon-vampire-husband-master end up with an incurable case of vamnesia adds another level of complexity to the festivities, not to mention your marriage.

But Eva Prim has caused...experienced…survived, yes, that's the word. Eva and Stefan have survived other difficult challenges and she's confident they'll laugh about this some night. She thinks. Maybe.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50