Playing Dead

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Playing Dead

How does one help a friend cope with a supposed dead fiancé who suddenly seems to be alive again a year after his “death”? This is the challenge that faces Renee, when her best friend Liz’s supposedly dead fiancé suddenly starts sending emails asking for money. The emails lead the girls to call in the local police force, who arrive in a whirlwind of attitude. Enter Grace, a seasoned, classy detective, and her partner Anthony, also a seasoned detective, but a bit on the sarcastic, pushy side. With the help of the two detectives, the girls embark on a crazy adventure to find out what exactly is going on, and why anyone would threaten Renee’s best friend, the kind hearted, generous Liz.

Playing Dead is a very good novel that starts off fast and never slows down. The characters are delightfully witty and engaging, and the story itself is woven flawlessly together. Anyone seeking a grand adventure with some romance to spice things up should really enjoy this novel. I certainly did.

Book Blurb for Playing Dead

Court reporter Renee Rose found out the hard way that hooking up with a cop is like a bikini wax--it starts off hot, turns painful, and ends in tears. But when her best friend receives an e-mail, supposedly from her long-dead fiancé, demanding money, Renee knows they need help. Too bad help comes in the form of Detective Anthony Graciano, an annoying, bossy cop who somehow manages to haul Renee's libido out of dry dock. Police work is more than a career to Anthony, it's an obsession. He specializes in cases involving female victims, which leaves him no time for anything else. Until he meets Renee, a delicious mystery he yearns to explore. As danger closes in, Anthony fights to keep Renee safe despite her tendency to plunge headlong into danger--and her doubts about him. Can she learn to trust his love before it's too late?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00