Of Elven Blood

Of Elven Blood is a novel that is great fun to read, and terribly difficult to put down. It is also a novel that can easily be read multiple times. The characters are delightful, witty and totally engaging. The story moves very quickly, but flows effortlessly into a rocking and rolling fantastic book. Of Elven Blood is a book that will attract readers around the globe. It could easily be developed into a series, and that is something I would love to see happen. I definitely want to find out more about the characters and what happens to them. I adored reading this book, and will be looking forward to more novels from the same author.

Roxanne Defarge is in trouble. After witnessing her union boss’s violent death, and easily able to identify the killer, Roxanne turns to the State Police to protect her. Unable to do so adequately, she is passed to the FBI’s Witness Protection Program. Under the program, Roxanne is moved across the country and made to change her name to Lorraine Farrier. When she arrives in Tucson and begins searching for a source of income, she stumbles across Treemark Arabian Farms. Upon being accepted as a Treemark employee, Lorraine soon discovers that there is much more to her story than meets the eye. She expects a Mafia hit man to come after her as a witness. What she doesn’t expect is the stalker who arrives, cutting off every route of escape. Will Lorraine and her new friends survive the sniper? Who is he? Read on to discover his identity.

Book Blurb for Of Elven Blood

Roxanne Defarge has three strikes against her; she’s an unsuccessful painter, miserably unlucky in love, and is carrying psychological scars of a childhood spent in a wretchedly dysfunctional family. She has given up on love, and on any hope of selling her paintings, but at least she’s found a job she likes – working as a newspaper editor for a union in Chicago.

But then Roxanne witnesses a murder in the newspaper’s office, and she’s sent to Arizona for her own protection. Now she must start again, and chooses to do so at Treemark Arabian Farms, working with horses.

But who can protect her from Brian Treemark, the mysterious ranch owner who reveals that he and Roxanne are members of a mysterious, ancient race—and they’re in more danger than Roxanne ever could find on the streets of Chicago? She’s going to have to learn fast, because she has an immensely extended lifespan, very rapid healing ability, and vast but untrained psychic talent.

In brief, she is now an Elf and must learn to live as one.

Thrust into the middle of an Elven battle, and still needing protection from those in Chicago who’d rather see her dead, Roxanne finds herself in even more danger than she ever could have imagined. Only the training she receives at Brian’s hands can protect her life. Her heart is another matter, and it will take all the skills she possesses to keep it safe from the one who told her she was of elven blood. (150,000 words/378 pages)

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.50