Night Souls

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Night Souls

Department 18, #2

This second installment in the Department 18 novels is quite a heart pounding adventure. It is one that I absolutely adored, and as I have gotten further and further into the Department 18 novels, they just keep getting better and better. Night Souls is one of those novels that simply grabs a hold from the first page, and does not let go, even after the last sentence is done. The characters are captivating, involving many of the characters from the previous novels, as well as numerous new ones to get to know. The story is a roller coaster ride that takes readers on a whirlwind tour across Europe as they chase after several missing girls. This is a novel that will absorb readers and will be completely unapologetic when it refuses to let them go. It’s just that good.

Department 18 has known about the Breathers for a very long time. But no one has ever known quite how to describe them, nor really, what, in fact, they are. A species older than time, the Breathers are a vampiric type species that feeds on the human soul. When Simon Crozier meets a strange man named Daniel, he knows something is up, especially when Daniel disappears without a trace. Not long after, Jason Pike, someone known to Department 18, and a man named Jacek Czerwinski appear while on a hunt for Jacek’s missing daughter (who is in the thick of this mess), the minds at Department 18 know that this Breathers thing is way out of control. After pulling in additional help, the Department is ready to take on whatever they need to. The Breathers are a species divided; some pro human, some anti-human. Who will win this war remains to be seen. Can they stop the Breathers and save the world? Or is this the end of humanity as we know it?

Book Blurb for Night Souls

Department 18 takes on the Breathers, the species of psychic-sexual vampires from Demon Eyes, and gets caught between warring factions—one wants to coexist peacefully with humans and the other wants only to feed off them until humanity is wiped out.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50