Night Bird

Can love be found even after death? This is a question that approaches the hero of the story, Travis Howland, and Emma Samson, the heroine of the story. Emma is a tragic yet heroic heroine, falling to her death at a young age in order to save her sister. In exchange for her selfless act, she is granted the ability to help deceased individuals on their way to the afterlife, by helping them complete whatever is holding their spirits to the Earth. This is how she meets Travis, a young, wealthy whaler who washes up on her beach one evening. As he lay dying, he begs her to save him, and save him she does. Travis, however, is not the least bit grateful, and takes quite a bit of convincing to accept his new lot in life. When he is offered a chance to stop the traitor who killed him and stole a fortune from his father, Travis is hard pressed to decline, and acceptance begins to set in. Can Travis and Emma stop the traitor and save his father? Will his father even realize the message his son is leaving him? Can true love be found even after death? All of these questions will arise.

Nightbird is a short novel, but still wonderfully full in its scope. The characters are woefully tragic and still beautiful and heroic in their own ways, and each is skillfully played off each other. Romance fans will delight in this beautiful story as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Night Bird

Travis Howland washes up on the shores of Lost Isle and into the arms of an angel.

Known as the Night Bird, Emma Samson dedicates her afterlife to a solitary existence on Lost Isle, easing the passage of the dying. When she finds Travis weak and desperate, she gives him the only gift she has--a few more days to settle his affairs before his death.

Sorely lacking in faith, Travis lives life with no thought for the future. When his lovely rescuer claims he has died, he can't believe it. He must warn his father that their ship was plundered by a greedy business partner, but only a leap of faith can save him.

Together, Emma and Travis use his last few hours to avenge the traitorous deeds that torment him, and along the way discover that love can be found in any stage of life…even after death.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50