The Order of the Black Swan, #4

Once again, Ms. Victoria Danann has created a novel that is nearly impossible to put down. As an avid fan of the entire Order of the Black Swan series, it was my supreme pleasure to read book 4 in the series, Moonlight, and the novel was an utter delight. The characters from the previous novels are back and better than ever. This novel picks up right where book 3 leaves off, so it is highly recommended to read the books in order, as they will make more sense that way. The storyline introduces us to a few lesser known characters from the past, and some new ones as well, and creates a wonderful world that is simply too enchanting to leave. To be totally honest, this novel had me laughing out loud quite often. This is a perfect addition to this exquisite series, and one that I absolutely loved reading.

Ram, Elora, Litha, Storm, and the rest of the team are back. And this time, the job is not hunting vampires, well, not for everyone, anyway. We’ll leave that to Baka and Heaven, who are also back. No, the job this time is a rather odd relocation. Werewolf King Stalkson Grey needs some help. His people have no females, and the males have no hope of creating families and reproducing. So what’s the best answer? Why, consult with the Order of the Black Swan, who has access to a dimension jumping demon and his half witch daughter and see what and where they can recommend for him. So when Stalkson and Deliverance are on a fact finding mission to another dimension, and Stalkson finds a woman he desires, all bets are off. One romantic abduction later and Stalkson must figure out his own heart and mind as well as hers to find out what they both need. Can he do it?

Book Blurb for Moonlight


The story continues to touch on the lives of former B Team members and their families while new characters and situations are introduced.

THE NEWSLETTER: Ram and Elora move into temporary quarters at Jefferson Unit to protect mother and baby. Storm gives a surprising answer when he’s tapped by Sol to replace him as Jefferson Unit Sovereign. Litha solicits her father to help Black Swan.

THE SUSPENCE: B Team learns the shocking truth about the origin of the vampire virus. Monq races to develop a defense system to repel invasion by Stagsnare terrorists and assassins.

THE ADVENTURE: Desperation drives Stalkson Grey to embark on an adventure beyond his wildest dreams in a bid to save the Elk Mountain werewolves from extinction.

THE ROMANCE: In the process of migrating the Elk Mountain werewolves to a new home, Grey learns that true love can find you in the strangest places, even when you’re far, far from home.

This is the fourth installment in the serial saga, The Order of the Black Swan. READING IN ORDER STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 5.00