Last Stand on Zombie Island

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Last Stand on Zombie Island

Last Stand on Zombie Island is a novel that is terrifying in its authenticity, and still heartwarming in its belief of the resiliency of human nature. It approaches the terror of a zombie outbreak from a logical standpoint, and in using logic, shows how the human race could survive such a disaster. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel, although some scenes are quite graphic. Then again, what can one expect when reading about zombies? This is one of those rare novels that people from all genres can find interesting. This is a thoroughly worthwhile, totally engrossing novel.

The world is at war. When a virus mutates from animals to infect humans and turn them to zombies, the virus spreads like wildfire and the world as we know it comes to a very rapid end. At least that’s the story in this novel. Yet this novel is not about the zombies, it is instead about the survivors and how humanity is changed after such a catastrophic occurrence. Services are gone, law and order gone as well, and martial law is in full effect. Families shattered, lives destroyed, and yet, through it all, a ragtag group of survivors (some military, some civilian, all bewildered) will fight with everything they have left to preserve the human race and stop the zombies from destroying the last vestiges of humanity. Some will emerge as better and stronger citizens in spite of the carnage. Some will emerge on the bottom of the societal chain, with their gangster and thug attitudes. Some will not emerge at all. Take a ride with the survivors and see where the carnage leads.

Book Blurb for Last Stand on Zombie Island


Disease-K has decimated the world leaving its victims shambling homicidal maniacs. And nestled along the warm Gulf waters sits Gulf Shores…the last outpost of civilization. With looters and thieves preying on the shocked survivors, it’s up to the retirees and bank tellers, phone repairmen and charterboat captains to put the town back together.


There, in the sands and marshes of the Gulf of Mexico, the citizens of Gulf Shores along with scattered military units, a downed Air Force pilot, and a lone Coast Guard cutter form the last line of defense against the amassing horde of the infected marching its way toward the sea destroying what is left of humanity along the way.

As summer gives way to the fall and the cold winds blow off the sea, Gulf Shores draws the line and prepares to make the…


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50