Lady Shadow

Normally, I am a tremendous fan of assassins and their tales. Lady Shadow is one of these books, and I was thrilled to read it. Sadly, I was let down by the book. I found it exceptionally long-winded, with descriptions that would literally go on for pages. The premise of the story is very good and well thought out. The characters are intense and very well imagined. This could be an amazing story. I am sad to say it was just too much. I could not finish the novel.

Book Blurb for Lady Shadow

Here is a little secret. Assassins do exist. They’re right here, in the kingdoms.

And the one they’re looking for? The mercenary who betrayed them?

She lives.

Betrayal is a death sentence—and Umbra makes a living at it.

When she was nine years old, Umbra was trained to be a mercenary. They are silent shadows with faces of men: ruthless combat masters, and Umbra was the best among them. Trained to swear fealty to assassins no one else believes in, sworn to die by her own hand before she dares betray them, Umbra becomes the spearhead of the assassins’ revolution: a hidden war to claim the kingdoms.

But what if she was wrong? What if she misjudged them?

So she changes sides, falling overnight from the deadliest assassin to the woman at the top of their most-wanted list. To the woman who, single-handedly, is preventing the assassins from attaining the position she once killed to help them claim.

Now Umbra must confront the machinations of her past, from the old assassin masters who taught her everything, to the assassin heir and the man she would have married. But one aspect of her life might be too sharp to overcome. One betrayal runs too deeply to be reckoned with.

Because you don't cross the Kai Assassins and walk away unscathed.

Sometimes, you don't walk away.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 2.50