Kallos Sorrow

Kallos Series #2

Can I just say, to begin, wow? I adore this series. Kallos Sorrow is the latest installment in this fabulous series. It has all the heart and drama of the previous books, and continues to build on the previous books in a way that I certainly didn’t anticipate in any way. All of the previous characters are back, Kallos and Sean and Ian Hunter, as well as a few new ones, and all have their own very unique supernatural abilities. We may even meet a new God! I would highly suggest reading the stories in order, as they make more sense that way, but then the story is also more epic that way too. Readers and fans both new and old will love this book as much as I did.

Kallos is heartbroken. Ian just walked out on her. She’s just survived her ascension, probably the most difficult thing she will ever have to do, and now he walks out, his eyes, all black? She’s crushed. But at least Sean is sticking around to help her though this. And now even more has come crashing down on her pretty head. Now that she’s survived and the three of them are now immortal, someone is now hunting Kallos. That someone is a full blown demon. And this demon has just destroyed a very important part of Kallos’ life in an effort to get to her. So now there’s another player in the game for Kallos heart, and to protect her. Enter Gabriel, an angel. Who is hunting her, and what do they want? Why are they so bent on destroying Kallos and the Hunter boys? Will Ian ever come back to Kallos? Something’s gotta give….Kallos just hopes it won’t have to be someone’s life.

Book Blurb for Kallos Sorrow

Kallos Dean's life has gone from ordinary to Extraordinary. As a recently reincarnated goddess of love, you would think that she would have it all, but for Kallos, it's the beginning of a long nightmare. The change has brought evil with it and Kallos experiences a powerful loss. So what's a goddess to do when her soul mates, Sean and Ian, aren't there for her? Get an Angel to help of course! The problem is, can she trust him and the others to keep her safe, or are they the ones out to harm her?

Will Kallos survive, death, heartache, secrets and sorrow?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50