Jack Absolute

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Jack Absolute

The character of Jack Absolute has been around for a very long time, as a character in the play, The Rivals, by one Richard Brinsley Sheridan. He has always been a lover and a scoundrel, a gentleman, a dedicated British spy and really, a jack of all trades, easily able to slip into and out of nearly any situation without injury. And the new incarnation by C.C. Humphreys does not disappoint. The story itself pays tribute to The Rivals, and even brings in an invocation of the actually playwright Sheridan into the story. The author has stayed true to the character of Jack Absolute, and has also brought in numerous other historical and created characters, all built to play off Jack flawlessly. As a lover of historical fiction novels myself, I truly enjoyed the adventures of Jack Absolute, and eagerly look forward to diving into more of them.

As we first meet the dashing hero, Jack Absolute, in this book, he is braving the cold and snow in a bitter London winter, approaching yet another duel over yet another woman. Até, his loyal Native American friend and companion, is at his side. During the duel, Jack runs afoul of a German count. As he escapes the clutches of the British police force, he finds himself consigned into a Captaincy in the British Army. Again. And this time, on his way to America to help stop the American Revolution if he can. But in all honesty, who is Jack fighting for? And how does the German count play into the story? Who are the Illuminati? Take a trip to America with the fiercely charismatic Absolute, and join him on his death defying adventures. You won’t want to miss a second.

Book Blurb for Jack Absolute

It's 1777 when Captain Jack Absolute becomes a sensation throughout London. This news comes as a shock to the real Jack Absolute when he arrives in England after four months at sea. But there's little time for outrage before he finds himself dueling for his life. Right when he thinks he's finally won, he is forced to flee London by the quickest means possible, becoming a spy in the American Revolution. From the streets of London, to the pivotal battle of Saratoga, to a hunt for a double agent in Philadelphia, this novel marks the exhilarating beginning of an epic historical series and a character you won't soon forget.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.00