Knights of Black Swan Book 11

Wow, wow, WOW! Autor Victoria Danann is back, embracing the new tales of the Knights of the Black Swan in this second novel in the series, Jax: Resurrection. The tale picks up right after the first book, moving flawlessly into the story. The story moves at lightning speed, and never slows down. Jax is a very strong character who is incredibly smart, drop dead gorgeous, and more mysterious than anyone has a right to be. Drogheda is our heroine, and she’s got a heart of gold, buried underneath a spine of steel. This novel has it all: plenty of steam, intense love, and heart stopping terror. This is a most worthy book that needs to be read.

Jaxon Kell is an enigma. After approaching The Order of the Black Swan to offer his assistance, Jax has realized that he’s rather bored. After 600 years of existence, there’s only so much seduction and money a vampire can handle. So, he’s almost completely blindsided when the incredible Drogheda appears in his existence. This woman is everything that Jax has ever wanted, and yet still human. With a singular purpose, Jax begins his pursuit. Just as everything is going his way, Jax is sent to Italy to recruit other vampires to his cause. When an unknown enemy from his past reappears, Jax realizes that he is in way over his head. With a new romance waiting at home, will Drogheda still be waiting for him back in New York? Will he survive to see her again? Or will he lose her, and his life, eternally? Only time will tell.

5/5 stars!

Book Blurb for Jax

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Victoria Danann, continues the breathtaking new take on Knights of Black Swan with a sizzling follow up to Falcon.

The Next Generation of Black Swan knights continues the struggle to rid the world of "deadheads", virus infected vampires who are barely more cognizant than zombies. Jax, one of the vampires turned by the immortals, joined the fight and became Falcon's partner.

For six hundred years Jax has seduced women, drunk their blood, and left them feeling blissfully satisfied, but without memory of the event. It was a good and manageable life as a vampire. Certainly it worked for him. Until Ever. She remembers and she’s pissed.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 5.00