Her Island Destiny

Warriors of Destiny, #3

As a fan of time travel romances, I approached this novel with a smile. The novel did not disappoint in any way. The story moves incredibly fast, but is still very moving and heartwarming. The characters are very well written and extremely strong on their own, but together they are nigh unstoppable. The story of Isla and Cian is one of love and war, trial and peace. It is one that seamlessly blends historical fact with Norse deities and beliefs, and tosses in few fictional characters to give it just the right amount of everything. This novel was a delight to read, and I look forward to more books of a similar vein from this author in the future.

Isla MacKinnon is a woman lost in time. She feels at home in 2012, until when, on an Army training mission, her helicopter crashes and entire crew perishes. After being told by her doctors to take a vacation, Isla ends up travelling to Scotland based on a mysterious package that arrived while she was in the hospital after the crash. What she finds in Scotland will astound her, and in some ways complete her.

When Laird Cian MacKyleakin witnesses a beautiful young lady fall from the sky, he knows he must save her. What he finds is no ordinary woman, it’s Isla. Upon caring for her in 12th century Scotland, he is amazed by her strength of character and personality, ultimately vowing to win her for his own. Both will face a battle of wills, and who will win is up for constant debate. Can Isla resolve her fate in the 12th century versus the modern world? Can Cian accept that all is not as it seems with Isla? Will they ultimately be together in the end? Take a journey to the past and see for yourself.

Book Blurb for Her Island Destiny

In the days of Wallace and Bruce, two worlds and centuries collide on the breathtaking Isles of Orkney and Skye.

Cian MacKyleakin, known as the dreaded Wolf of Moal has dedicated his life to fighting for Scotland, but when his lineage is challenged, adding fuel to the rumors that are circulating through the English court, Edward Longshanks declares that the only way he can retain his lands is to marry the only daughter of the MacKinnons. But when she’s found dead, things get complicated very quickly.

Isla MacKinnon, call sign Valkyrie, is a CH-47 Helicopter pilot for the United States Army. Isla's helicopter is attacked and crashes in the Afghan mountains. As the only survivor, she is ordered by her doctor and her command to take R&R to recover. Instead, she finds herself fighting for her life when a simple picnic on the beach turns perilous.

Can these two fallen warriors find the passion they need within each other’s embrace when they are from two different worlds and centuries? Novel - 45,000 - 69,999

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50