Grave Secret

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Grave Secret

Secret McQueen, Book 5

Okay, I’m in love. I can’t help it. I admit it. I adore the Secret McQueen novels. The fifth book in the installment, Grave Secret, is a perfect addition to the series. The storyline ties in perfectly to where we last saw our favorite oh so sassy half werewolf, half vampire beauty Queen whose hobbies include tracking rogue vampires and depriving them of their heads, as well as tracking down a rogue werewolf clan out to kill her, namely that of her darling mother. Families, gotta love them. But Secret is back, and better than she’s ever been. And so is the rest of her crew. Grave Secret will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It is a book that is nearly impossible to put down. I should know; I couldn’t do it.

Secret McQueen thought her life was on the up and up. Her mother was under control. Issues with Lucas, although tenuous, seemed to be under control as well. And the Tribunal? Well, that was a problem for another day. But she had Holden and Desmond to keep her company, so all was good in her small world, right? Wrong. As soon as her phone rings and Lucas is on the other end, Secret knows her good days are over. And when he tells her his darling socialite sister is missing and it’s now Secret’s job to find her, Secret knows she’s really sunk. To make matters worse, Keaty is also calling, and teens are turning up dead, and all the clues are pointing to the local Oracle as the killer! And Secret has to help on this case as well! Our dear Secret is in way over her pretty head again. And this time, it could be too much for even her.

Book Blurb for Grave Secret

Sometimes a secret goes to the grave. Sometimes Secret puts you there.

It’s been a hell of a year for Secret McQueen, and the last thing in the world she wants is to get caught up in werewolf drama. But when her former fiancé Lucas Rain shows up asking for her help, she knows there’s no easy way out.

After making it known she wants nothing to do with him, Secret agrees to help find Lucas’s wayward sister Kellen. After all, how much trouble could one socialite get into in the city that never sleeps?

Unless that socialite has been spirited away by fairies.

Trying to track down a missing girl in an alternate reality is just the start of Secret’s problems, though. Someone appears to be killing teenagers, and the MO looks eerily similar to something for which the half-fairy oracle, Calliope, might be responsible. Throw in a rogue wolf pack claiming allegiance to Secret’s mother, Mercy, and she’ll have miles to go before she rests.

Warning: This book contains a promise fulfilled, sex that’s out of this world, and more heartache than one hybrid assassin can handle.

This book was previously released by Samhain Publishing.

The new edition contains minor word changes but no story changes.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50