Gone Without a Trace

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Gone Without a Trace

I will openly admit, this was not an easy book to read. It tells the story of Hannah and Matt, both strong willed, successful individuals. I initially felt a kinship with Hannah; later, I felt that same kinship with Matt. The story moves fast, and has more twists and turns than even I anticipated. I will say that this story carries a message that should be seen and heard in many families. It also brought back many memories, both bad and good. I would only recommend this book for an adult who can understand the situations presented.

Hannah is in love. After coming home from work one day, Hannah discovers that the love of her life, Matt, is gone. All his possessions, the pictures, the music, the clothes….all gone. She’s terrified and confused. Where did he go? It seems like he never even existed. Yet Hannah knows that he is alive. So she starts searching. As the search continues, her work life begins to suffer, and strange things begin happening in her home. A few friends try to help; Hannah just ignores them and continues her own investigation. Eventually, she will find him. And when she does, her entire world will explode.

Book Blurb for Gone Without a Trace

A jaw-dropping novel of psychological suspense that asks, If the love of your life disappeared without a trace, how far would you go to find out why?  


Hannah Monroe's boyfriend, Matt, is gone. His belongings have disappeared from their house. Every call she ever made to him, every text she ever sent, every photo of him and any sign of him on social media have vanished. It's as though their last four years together never happened.


As Hannah struggles to get through the next few days, with humiliation and recriminations whirring through her head, she knows that she'll do whatever it takes to find him again and get answers. But as soon as her search starts, she realizes she is being led into a maze of madness and obsession. Step by suspenseful step, Hannah discovers her only way out is to come face to face with the shocking truth...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.00