Goddess Secret

Goddess Series, #2

I truly believe I stumbled across that most rare find when I found the Goddess series by M, W Ware: a fantastic series of books. Once again, in this the second book in the series, The Goddess Secret, the characters we met in the first book have continued to grow and change in new and better ways, and continued to enchant readers. The storyline has gotten more elaborate and beautiful, and has taken on more fantastical aspects than ever before while still embracing both the joys and horrors of a teenage girls high school life. I have a feeling that the third book, when it comes out, will wrap things up in a perfectly stunning parcel, yet it could also develop into more than one additional novel, and I, for one, would be delighted to see that. Simply put, I love these books, and I know other readers will too.

When we first met Legacy Kore in The Goddess Legacy, she was just finding out that she would, on her 18th birthday, ascend into her Goddess given powers as a descendent of two extremely powerful Greek deities for parents. Now Legacy is learning to deal with not only her ascension, but also the ascension of her best friend River, son of Medusa, who is trying to kill her, her boyfriend Adin, who is the likeness of Adonis, and who can’t stand River, and all kinds of other Greek deity incarnations who have suddenly appeared to complicate Legacy’s life. To make matters worse, toss in a few added abilities to Legacy’s rather remarkable repertoire to master, and things get extremely complicated for our dear Legacy. And when Legacy discovers a secret about herself that she must keep at all costs, can she do it? What is it? And what will happen if she lets it slip?

Book Blurb for Goddess Secret

Legacy only thought she had this goddess thing under control. Well, as much as any other chick could have given the crazy circumstances. But when she learns the truth about her abilities, she is forced to keep a secret so powerful that she and the people closest to her could get hurt if it falls into the wrong hands.

Then there’s Venus, the goddess Adin is bonded to. And River, the god Legacy is bonded to. Do Legacy and Adin have a chance at a real relationship or are these external factors going to pull them apart? It won’t stop them from trying…or letting things heat up between them as they explore the boundaries of their relationship. Where’s the fun in just focusing on her ascension? Nothing wrong with having fun with her boyfriend.

As long as she keeps her secret…

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.50