Goddess Sacrifice

Goddess Series, #3

Whoa, this novel is a wild roller coaster ride of emotion! Having read the first two novels in the Goddess series by author M.W. Muse, I fully anticipated this third book to be as full of joy and love, as well as frustration, anger, and sadness as the first two, and I was not in the least bit disappointed. This novel has it all. The story carries on from the first two flawlessly, and all of the well loved characters from the first two novels are back. One thing I will say, the books should be read in order, as they make perfect sense in that way. It is an utter delight to read the story of Legacy and her friends, and I’ve no doubt in my mind that other readers love them as much as I do.

It’s Homecoming season, and Legacy needs a date. So of course it’s Adin to the rescue, and Legacy wrangles River into taking Calli, so the whole group is together again. It’s set to be a perfect night. And a gloriously beautiful night it is. But the beauty won’t last. Forces beyond anyone’s control are working against Legacy to slow and/or stop her ascension into Goddesshood, and with both Adin and River battling for her affections, her patience is often tested to its limits. Legacy believes she has made her choice clear in Adin, yet a cryptic message from her mother speaking of a sacrifice makes her question all she knows. And when Legacy figures out what or who she will be required to sacrifice, can she do it? Or will she ultimately go back on her word?

Book Blurb for Goddess Sacrifice

Legacy wouldn’t let a little thing like changing into a goddess distract her from the joys of her senior year in high school...or hanging with her friends. She enjoys the dances and parties and getting closer to Adin...even trying her hand at seducing him. She’s ready to take their relationship to the next level, regardless of any bond she might have with River and any bond Adin has with Venus.

But the prophecy is still there, lurking in the background. And while Legacy is wrapped up with living her life in the now, forces are at work solidifying her future. With the damage done and the full meaning of the prophecy exposed, she’ll be forced to face the consequences...and protecting those she loves compels her to make the greatest sacrifice.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50