Girl Blue

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Girl Blue

Girl Blue is the story of Jeremy Copper, a world renowned sculptor and his goal to produce his most illustrious, perfect piece out of a specific type of blue granite. It is infinitely more than that. It is also the story of the demons Jeremy is battling, such as voracious cancer, as well as a horribly vindictive ghost, and two beautiful women vying for his attentions. Jeremy must determine what is real and what is not, and how to deal with not only the tumor but also the spirit of a long dead vengeful witch. Does he overcome the machinations of the witch? Does he overcome the tumor? Can he complete his most prized sculpture? All of these questions are constantly presented to the reader in the book. To be totally honest, the book is well written and extremely descriptive, but also difficult to read as it can be highly technical in some spots. One of the strong points of the novel is that the author used well known actual locations and stones to provide authenticity to the story. This makes it much more interesting. While the book itself is a fantastic read for the horror genre, I would definitely advise younger readers to not read this book, at least not until they are much older.

Book Blurb for Girl Blue

Her spirit waited within the stone, ready to live again.

Renowned sculptor Jeremy Copper is determined that his latest work, Girl Blue, will be his masterpiece. He’s found the perfect stone for it, a rare block of blue granite from a quarry in Brazil. But this stone is special in more ways than one. The former owner of the great block was a woman named Franscesca, a witch in the 1920s who loved a talented young sculptor. He promised to carve her likeness, but when he betrayed her love she exacted a terrible vengeance and paid for it with her life.

Jeremy begins to fear for his sanity when he finds flakes of granite in his bedroom. Late at night, he hears strange noises coming from his locked studio. The sculpture continues to progress, even in his absence, a sinister form emerging beyond his control. But this frightening new version is not at all what Jeremy intended. Franscesca’s vengeful spirit lives on, and she’s more dangerous than ever.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.50