The St. Croix Chronicles

Cherry St. Croix, daughter of the mad alchemist in steampunk London, is back with a vengeance. For readers already familiar with Cherry, her exploits in this novel will bring a smile and a laugh. It will also bring a few moments of heartbreak. The novel is written in the same vein as the first novel in the series, Tarnished. Gilded still has the same basic feel, and flows just as beautifully as Tarnished. We get more opportunity to meet the quirky cast of characters in Gilded, and they are all back and better than ever. I greatly enjoyed this novel, and readers seeking a grand adventure will love it as much as I did.

There’s a murderer on the streets of London. Well, two to be more exact. One killer seeking prostitutes, or sweets, known as Jack the Ripper. Who is the second killer? That’s what Cherry sets out to find out. After her previous adventures where this mysterious killer helped save her life, Cherry is desperate to find out his or her identity and motives. When one professor ends up dead, then a second, Cherry knows there is much more to this story than meets the eye. To make matters more interesting, the dashing Lord Compton is back and pressing Cherry to marry him. Can Cherry stop the killers on the loose in London and still keep her collector life secret? Can she reconcile her feelings for Lord Compton and the collision course her secret life and her public life seem to be on? Or will Cherry finally succumb to the lure of the streets far below, giving up her freedom in exchange for vengeance? Travel along with Cherry on her adventures and see for yourself.

Book Blurb for Gilded

In the gleaming heights of Victorian London, a world of deception awaits an unconventional Society lady whose taste for adventure makes her a most formidable adversary . . .

Though Society demands that I make a good marriage, I, Cherry St. Croix, have neither the time nor the interest. I am on the trail of a murder with no victim, a mystery with no motive, and the key to an alchemical formula that could be my family's legacy.

Yet the world is not so kind as to let me pursue simple murder and uncomplicated bounties. Above the foggy drift, an earl insists on my attention, while my friends watch my increasingly desperate attempts to remain my own woman. From the silken demands of the Midnight Menagerie—to whose dangerously seductive ringmaster I owe a debt—to the rigorous pressures of the peerage, all are conspiring to place before me a choice that will forever change my life.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.50