Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman

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Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman

Book 2

The title of this book says it all. It is tremendously funny, and the characters are witty, sarcastic, and enchanting. The story itself moves flawlessly from scene to scene, and builds plenty of back story so people (such as myself) who have not had the pleasure of reading the first novel can still easily understand where the characters are coming from. To be honest, the novel was not what I expected. It ended up being far more than I expected, and it was an utter joy to read and review. I am certain I am not the only reader who will adore this novel.

Maggie Lee is in way over her head this time. Her niece is in a coma. Her dog Doomsday and her niece’s brown anole lizard Godzilla can talk, and she can understand them. She has been hired to kill a local drug lord, and she’s in for a massive custody battle for her now orphaned niece. Her boss is trying desperately to get in her pants, and her best friend is having a rush wedding. Can Maggie’s life get any more complicated? Don’t ask. When the dates and the engagements begin to run together, and ghosts from the past come back to help or haunt her, the proverbial fur will fly in this laugh out loud hilarious and totally engaging novel.

Book Blurb for Further Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman

Knocking off a drug kingpin was the last thing on Maggie Lee’s to-do list, but when a tragic accident leaves her beloved niece orphaned and in the hospital, Maggie will go to desperate lengths to land the money needed for her care.

But the drug kingpin is the least of her worries. Maggie’s aunts are driving her crazy, her best friend’s turned into a bridezilla…and a knock on the head has given Maggie Dr. Dolittle abilities-she can talk to animals. Unfortunately, they talk back.

It’s just another day in the life of this neurotic hitwoman

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.50