Fresh Squeezed

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Fresh Squeezed

Fresh Squeezed is a quirky and oddly irreverent novel about the vagaries of small town life with a vastly humorous twist and not a little good old insanity. From the ex-Mafia enforcer hiding in the town under an assumed name and a new identity, to the wife of the local co-op who is on more than friendly terms with most of the town, to the loony tune vegetarian compound just outside of town that is more interested in drug production than vegetables, the story is filled with more than enough oddly charming characters, and more than a few bizarre and entertaining plot twists. It is a novel that will engage a reader from the start, drawing them into the small town insanity that is Wanaduck, Washington. It is a totally enjoyable book.

Strange happenings are afoot in the small town of Wanaduck, Washington. There are a few too many new faces in town, and a few too many more familiar faces have disappeared from town, often under mysterious and often violent circumstance. Former Mafia enforcer turned informant Anthony “Juice” Verrone knows that there is more to this mystery than meets the eye. And it all seems to center around the local electric co-op and their hydroelectric dam, as well as the standoffish vegetarian compound outside town. When a terribly inept hired hitman arrives in town, no one is safe, least of all Juice and a few others. And when another hitman hits town, the proverbial fur will fly, and bodies will fall. Can Juice survive long enough to go back to normal life? Come visit for the Asparagus Festival and find out.

Book Blurb for Fresh Squeezed

There’s something fishy going on in the backwater town of Wanaduck, Washington, population 879, er, 878. Make that 850.

Anthony “Juice” Verrone, former Mafia enforcer and guest of the Witness Security Program, is trying to hide from the Family he sent up the river.

When a giant hot dog, a fiberglass bass, and a plummeting corpse put the squeeze on Juice, he thinks he’s been found out. Juice teams up with Rudy Touchous, a forensic accountant, and Police Chief Dickie Gordon, to track down the killer. Instead, they run head-on into a public utility in desperate financial straits, a local troop of NASCAR-addled, bass-fishing rednecks with odd literary aspirations, and a vegetarian commune, which, in its dedication to the well-being of plants, is tossing more than lettuce into its salad bar. And what is that secret ingredient in their all-vegetarian hotdogs? The Utility’s plans leak, so they bring in a strange parade of hired guns to make sure the

people who know too much can’t say anything.

When these players mix it up at the Asparagus Festival a conflagration ignites that changes everything. Can Juice go back to being a regular guy?

Or does he find out that he can hide, but he can’t just disappear?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00