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There are few books that I find very hard to put down because they are, just simply put, that good. Flawless is one of them. It tells the story of a strong, gorgeous, smart woman struggling to make it in a very much male driven career in the jewelry industry. She is also struggling to bring to light the plight of diamond miners in places such as Siberia and Africa, and the epidemic known as blood diamonds. The story is very long, but ties very nicely together, creating a cohesive story that will draw a reader in. The characters are all struggling with their own dramas, yet must learn to live together to survive. It is a novel that will more than deserve all of the fabulous praise I am sure it will earn.

Scarlett Drummond Murray has the world at her feet. As an independent jewelry designer of very beautiful pieces in London, her small studio called Bijoux has drawn in the hottest London crowd. She also has a charity, Trade Fair, taking on the plight of the little people in the diamond industry and the harsh conditions they live and work in. With both of these two ventures going full force, Scarlett barely has time to breathe. Until she figures out that she has stepped on some very powerful toes, and someone is out to silence her for good. Enter in Jake and Danny Meyer, twin brothers who run Solomon Stones, and Brogan O’Donnell, the very dangerous owner of the toes Scarlett has dared tread on. With a broad cast of characters designed to be enticing, this novel will take readers around the globe. It is a full steam ahead beautiful novel that will not disappoint. It is, as the title suggests, flawless.

Book Blurb for Flawless

In the glitteringly ruthless diamond business, Scarlett Drummond Murray is a force to be reckoned with. As stunningly beautiful as the diamonds she works with, Scarlett is determined to make her mark on the industry with her fabulous jewellery creations. But to do so she must battle through a world that is steeped in greed and corruption.

Blazing a trail from London to Beverly Hills, Scarlett is plunged into the world of shady diamond dealers and the stunningly beautiful women for whom they all compete, in business and in bed. All of them are prepared to sacrifice everything in pursuit of that one, elusive, perfect stone. No matter what the cost.

Will Scarlett be blinded by the brilliance of the temptation that surrounds her? Or can she keep her nerve - and her principles - and make it to the top with her heart and her business intact?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50