Order of the Black Swan, D.I.T. Book 2

WOW! Victoria Danann has done it again! This is the second tale in her incredible new D.I.T. series, a spinoff of her wonderful Knights of the Black Swan. Readers of her previous series will remember the enchanting Torn Finngarick, a scandalous bad boy who’s really got a heart of gold. I loved the story for bringing back a lot of old favorites, and introducing several new characters to love. It’s a very fast-moving tale, twisting and turning like the wildest rollercoaster. I have to admit, with each time I meet Torn, I love him just a little bit more than before. I would highly suggest reading in order to get the full scope of this tale. I will be eagerly anticipating the next book in this magickal series!

Torn Finngarick has had a very hard life. After losing a partner as a vampire hunter, he has spent the last several years as a floater, moving between hunting teams when needed, always without a home. So when Rosie Storm comes to him (on her husband Glen’s suggestion), about the new Department of Interdimensional Trespass, he is intrigued but wary. On a whim, he decides he’s in. He’s ready for the tracking and detaining of beings’ intent on harm to this dimension. What he’s not ready for is his partner, Sheridan O’Malley. Sheridan is part of a set of twins, both of whom are very new to the world outside Black on Tarry. Sheridan is not prepared at all for Torn, either. As the two get to know each other, the team at D.I.T. is rolling along. Before they know it, their first assignment arrives. And before anyone knows it, events will spiral way out of control, and potentially leave both partners shattered.

Book Blurb for Finngarick

Torn has been transferred to D.I.T. to help run down an interdimensional anomaly in Dublin. He’s spent his whole life running from his own inner demons until a beautiful hunter brings him to a full stop.

From New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, called “Queen of Alpha Males” by Slashed Reads.

When Sir Torrent Finngarick arrives in Dublin, he’s partnered with Sheridan, one of a pair of elf twins who put the hot in hawt and the war in warrior.

He needs to get his mind off the wild, redheaded beauty because there’s an interdimensional stream portal somewhere in the vicinity of Trinity College and Temple Bar. So far as they can tell, it’s been causing havoc for centuries. Simon wants it found and monitored. If anything comes through, he wants to know about it. If anything goes through, he wants his Dublin D.I.T. team to run it down.

Maybe there’s a reason why Black Swan has won best paranormal romance series the past four years in a row!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.50